Being an Outreach Support Worker

Being an Outreach Support Worker with JRH Support is not like any other job... Every day is different and brings with it probably the most rewarding work you will ever do!



We work with a really wide range of people.  Some of the people we support have a learning disability, others have physical or sensory disabilities, whilst others may have mental health needs, problems with addiction or limited communication skills. 


As a Support Worker, it's really important to remember that EVERYONE is an individual and has the right to make choices about their lives.



You will support people to live as independently as possible.  This means that part of your role involves helping people with day to day domestic tasks such as cooking, going shopping, washing clothes, cleaning and paying their bills.  However, the focus is always on enabling people to do things rather than simply doing things for them.


With the right amount of support and encouragement, many people can do some or all of these things for themselves.


Some of the people you support may be severely disabled and need a great deal of support to get actively involved in things, but they can still make decisions about their own life like choosing what to eat, what to wear, what to buy at the shops and how to spend their time.



Whether it's watching football, playing pool, going abseiling or just shopping in town, you can support service users to try out new experiences and activities to widen their choices in life. This can be hugely rewarding and great fun for all involved.


You can make a real difference to peoples' lives, watch them grow and develop and achieve things they may never have thought possible.



Yes - training is really important, and we know that the more skills and knowledge our staff have, the better they are at supporting service users.


When you first join JRH Support, you are allocated a mentor to support you through the first few weeks of employment and you undergo a comprehensive induction training course which covers a wide range of social care subjects such as the principles of person-centred support, effective communication, safeguarding adults and children, and duty of care.


Once this is completed you will be awarded a nationally recognised Care Certificate.


You continue your training and development throughout your career with us, and undergo a wide range of additional courses and also have the opportunity to enrol on a Diploma in Health and Social Care at Level 2 or Level 3.


People need support at various times of the day and also sometimes at weekends.  You'll need to be able to demonstrate some flexibility in your work hours as it's important that we support people at the times they want to be supported.



You don't need to drive but it can be useful if you do, and we pay 31p per mile for travel between support visits.


If you don't have your own vehicle, that should still be OK as you will usually be working in a small geographical area on a bus route.



To sum up, this job is all about supporting people to develop their skills and confidence to be as independent as possible, and to have the chance to live life to the full.


We don't look for any specific qualifications or experience from new Support Workers as it's personal qualities and values that are far more important.


If you have lots of patience, can see things from other people's point of view and believe that everyone should enjoy the same opportunities in life, regardless of their disability or life choices, then there's a very good chance you'd make a good support worker.


If this sounds like you, then apply online by clicking the link below - it may just be the best thing you've ever done!


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