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We pride ourselves on making referrals to our service as easy and trouble free as possible. You can simply give us a call – providing us with some basic information about the support that’s needed, and we’ll go from there.  We'll keep you updated on the progress at every stage of the process so you're kept well informed.



We respond quickly to referrals and are very proficient at setting up the right support for someone as swiftly and effectively as possible.  We’ll arrange to meet the individual and other relevant people in their life, and make a comprehensive assessment of their support needs – based around the commissioned support.  From this we’ll develop a person centred support plan and any necessary risk assessments, mental capacity assessments etc.



We believe that service user/staff compatibility is essential to ensuring people engage with their support and that it progresses well.  We maintain a strong focus on matching staff to service users, and always take the time to find out the kind of people that someone would like to support them.



We’ve developed a very affective outcomes tool that ensures our support is clearly focussed on supporting people to identify and reach their goals. These outcomes are regularly reviewed and progress is mapped in a way that’s easily understandable to people of all abilities.



We work closely with commissioners, key agencies, local communities and families and carers. Working collaboratively in this way helps encourage good practice and information sharing, and ensures that the people we support receive the very best quality service.


We value our staff and recognise the importance of having a motivated, well trained and well supported staff team.  We pride ourselves on being good employers and our retention of staff is exceptionally good.  Each new staff member undergoes an in-depth induction training programme, and is also allocated a mentor for the first 12 weeks of their employment to help them develop the necessary skills and confidence.


Treating our staff with respect and valuing their input ensures that they don’t feel this is ‘just a job’, but instead feel proud of what they do and invested in the success of the company.  This ensures consistency and continuity of support and leads to some absolutely amazing support work.


Our focus is always on enabling people to develop and maintain skills to ensure they are as independent as possible.  We aim to reduce the amount of support each individual requires by being clearly focussed on developing their skills and confidence, so they require less and less input from our services.


Our reviewing process clearly identifies how well people’s support outcomes are progressing, and focuses on next steps to increase their independence.



We have firmly established policies and procedures that ensure quality and high standards are consistently maintained.


We aspire to go above and beyond compliance measures to achieve a high quality service. We put great value on the input of our employees, people that we support and external stakeholders so that we continually learn and improve our support services.

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