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Live-in care offers the stability and normality of living in the comfort of your own home whilst also ensuring that you have the care and support that you would receive in a residential care home.

Given the choice, most of us would prefer to stay in the familiar surroundings of our own homes. However, when having to decide which type of care would be the most beneficial to meet the needs of our loved ones, we tend to automatically think that care homes are the best, or our only option. Rest assured, our care staff are trained to the same high standards as the carers in a care home, and what better surroundings to be cared for than in your own home.

You will receive one to one care and the flexibility to choose when you eat, what food you enjoy and also continue your normal routine, keeping you as independent as possible with the level of support you need.

What makes live-in care different?


Moving into a new home can be a stressful process for the ablest of people. Also, moving into residential care can mean set routines such as eating and visiting times, and other restrictions which could cause a huge strain and disruption to a person’s life and well-being.

Live-in care means that you are able to keep the same daily routines that you are used to and also your friends and family are able to visit you as before. With a spare room in your home, your carer is able to “live-in” and offer companionship and care and give real peace of mind and added quality of life.

We understand that it’s important to keep your independence. This is why our carers are there to step in and give you the extra support that you need whilst at the same time, promoting your independence. The main difference between
live-in care and residential care is that you have complete control over the things that you chose to do on a daily basis. Your care is flexible to compliment your needs, and increases or decreases if, or when, your needs alter. We tailor your care plan and make sure it suits your changing needs.

What does a live-in carer do? 


A live-in carer will move into your home (you’ll need to have a spare bedroom) to take care of the tasks that you are unable to do, or need assistance with. This includes cooking meals, running errands, completing household chores and supporting you with personal care. Personal care includes washing and dressing, shaving, and showering:


  • Shopping 

  • Helping with paying bills

  • Cleaning & tidying

  • Washing

  • Dressing, shaving & showering

Live-in care for couples

There are times when couples need assistance in order to remain living in their own home, together. In these circumstances, we can provide care solutions through live-in care to support both you and your partner.


What’s the next step? 


Get in touch with us to discuss your circumstances. We will arrange a visit to undertake a free home care assessment to assess the tasks and amount of support that you require from your carer. 

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