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How to support somebody to live independently through supported living

How to support somebody to live independently

For anyone, living independently is often seen as a mark of maturity, an achievement, something for them to celebrate. As an adult, being able to live by yourself, for yourself, however you like is an exciting prospect. This should be the case for anybody, but for those adults living with learning disabilities, it’s slightly more difficult to attain. We at JRH Support strive to ensure that it isn’t difficult at all, and with the right support, we can have as many adults as possible living their life in the way they want to, with who they want to, carrying out their daily activities.

With JRH Support, we use a range of solutions to ensure that adults can maintain their level of independence partnered with the level of support they require to remain in their own homes on their own.

What is supported living?

Supported living is when a person lives within a property owned by an external provider such as a private landlord or local housing association. It means that individuals have the ability to live and remain in a usual place of residence, such as a house or a flat, but with the assistance of our support staff.

Who is entitled to supported living?

We usually provide this service to those who require additional assistance in order to live independently, but don’t need the full care of full-time residential care.

Help in developing everyday living skills

JRH will work with you or your relative to develop everyday living skills such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, whilst helping you to maintain independence and be sure that every day tasks are achieved. This means that as time goes on, the level of support you may need may lessen, or could even remain at the same level, but will give you the freedom and sense of ability to do anything you want.

How do I go about obtaining the support?

If you are a local authority or council who requires support for someone, then get in touch with one of our team who will be happy to discuss all of your needs with you, to find the best support package. Alternatively, if you’re looking for support for yourself, friend or relative, get in touch.

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