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Please DO NOT give the on-call number to service users or their families.  It is for staff only


THINK – Before you call the on-call phone

  • Can this wait until the office opens again at 8.30am Monday to Friday?

  • Should I call or will a text be OK?

  • Should I send an email instead?


When to call the on-call phone

  • If you require immediate support or advice that cannot wait until the office is open.  i.e. a medication issue, an accident or a safeguarding issue.



When to text the on-call phone

  • If a service user has told you to leave early or they are not in when you visit.



When to send an email

  • If you need to pass information on but it can wait until the office is open again





Outreach and Care at Home Staff

Between 8.30pm and 4.30pm (Monday to Thursday) or 8.30am and 4pm (Friday)

CALL the office


Outside office hours

CALL the on-call phone. Please DO NOT call after 10pm or before 6am



Supported Living

CALL the property you work at

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