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Our Outreach service supports people at home and in the community, and offers a broad spectrum of flexible and personalised practical support to people that enables them to live as independently as possible, access community based opportunities, develop their confidence and skills and reach their full potential.


We adopt a ‘whole life’ person-centred approach to supporting people, using outcome based processes to enable us to work with individuals to identify the things they need, the things they want to do and the things they want to achieve; and then tailor the support they need to do these

We recognise that everyone is unique, so all of the support we provide is individualised and person – centred. This means we take the time to listen and to understand what people want and need, to make sure that everything we do is based around that individual – their choices, their opinions, their likes and dislikes and personal preferences

Outcomes Based Support

We strongly believe in people being in control of their support, and supporting them to identify outcomes that are important to them and are both achievable and measurable. This can help develop basic life skills, confidence and independence, and ensure people are able to reach their full potential.


We've developed an outcomes tool that is really user friendly and supports people to achieve the things they want to achieve, and to become more independent and have more control of their lives.

Small Teams

Our Outreach service comprises of small teams that work in specific geographical areas.  These small teams help to maintain personalisation and consistency of support as it means that if someone's usual support worker is on holiday or off sick, a replacement support worker can be offered  from this small team who may well have supported the person in the past.  All service users have designated support workers from this small team who they will be able to get to know well and develop a positive working relationship with.   

Karen's story

Support staff from our Outreach team started supporting Karen 18 months ago. At the time Karen was experiencing depression and anxiety, and didn’t feel at all confident going out in the community.  

Karen lived in shared accommodation, never went out on her own and even when accompanied by others, she didn’t like to leave the street she lived on.


Over time, Karen’s support workers have supported her to develop the confidence to make enormous changes in her life.  Through a structured outcomes focussed approach, Karen has been supported to achieve the following over the past 18 months:


  • Join local community groups which she now attends on her own on a weekly basis

  • Attend breakfast mornings with friends that she’s met at the community groups

  • Travel on public transport on her own

  • Move out of shared accommodation into her own property


Karen now describes her life as ‘exciting’.  Her confidence has increased significantly and her improved quality of life has had a big impact on her mental well-being.

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