Date of Visit



Please confirm that you have read the support plan

• I confirm that I have read the support plan


Please make sure you include times for relevant information. For example - "I contacted the GP at 2.15pm"


Which Outcomes (from the support plan) have been worked on during this visit?

Home environment, Accessing the community/shopping, Social interaction


What has been achieved with the Outcomes during the visit?

Please notify your team manager when an outcome has been completed.


Before going out today Albert hoovered the living room and kitchen and the hallway. I cleaned the shower room and wiped all sides in the kitchen. Mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors.

We headed out. Albert did his shopping at Tesco. Usual items purchased, added extras today was some writing paper

and pens. Albert noticed that his writing pad is running low and he likes his support times writing down each week.

We had a walk around the shops today before going to Drucker’s. Albert is looking to purchase some ear muffs. To help

keep the noises out. Especially now the fireworks have started up. Trespass and Next do not sell them, so tomorrow we

will look in John Lewis and JD Sports. Albert seems positive about getting some.

Albert ordered his own food at Drucker’s and was very polite when talking to the waitress. Praised Albert for this and

his confidence.

We then had a walk back to Albert’s property.


Any other important information about the support visit?

If there is a safeguarding concern you MUST notify the office immediately if you work in Outreach, or your Team Manager if in Supported Living (out of office hours you should contact the on-call phone)


Albert answered intercom correctly today.

Took rubbish out on the way to town.

Albert withdrew £50 today and used his card to pay for his items at Tesco. Albert used £10 for personal spend and £40

was put in the safe. All relevant paperwork signed by Albert and me.

Albert is in a great mood today and is feeling positive. Planning on having a relaxing day and soaking his feet. Checked

that Albert has all he needs. Wished him a good day. All okay upon leaving


Things to celebrate from this visit?

Albert’s confidence is growing. He is able to ask for help when in a shop and also speak politely to members of the

public. Great support session today


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Joe Bloggs